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The best illustrated books of 2012 – Brain Pickings

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The best illustrated books of 2012 – Brain Pickings

Check out this list of beautifully illustrated picture books, compiled by 


What in the world are you reading?

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The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) puts out an annual honour list of notable books from around the world. For those of you who are interested in seeing what young people around the world are reading, you can browse through the 2012 Honour List .  

The following Arabic books received mentions for author, illustrator and translator. You can read all about them in the 2012 Honour List catalog!


Egypt Amal Farah Ana Insan
Palestine Ahlam Mohammad Suleiman Bsharat Ismi al-haraki farashah
United Arab Emirates Abir Ballan Wazifat Mama


Egypt Hanady Saleet Shagaret Al-gmyez
Palestine Dima Abu al-Hajj Omar wa HAHA
United Arab Emirates Intelaq Mohammed Ali Ibn Battouta


Egypt Abdel Tawab Youssef Ahmed Mawled Al-Rasool fi eyon Andrson
Palestine Zakieh Khairhoum Barzakh: Emily wa Samou’il
United Arab Emirates Fatima Sharefeddine Ameerat Min Al Alam