What are you Reading with your Kids this Ramadan?

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The holy month of Ramadan is upon us, and one great way to start a conversation about the month is to read about it together! We’ve put together a short list of kids books related to the month. This is a great way to talk to your kids about traditions, habits and beliefs, and to also set aside some time to bond over this special time of year. Feel free to also use this list as a basis for activities to keep the kids busy before Iftar.

When the Doorbell Rang عندما دق الباب


Author: Taghreed Najjar, Illustrator: Reem Alaskari

After Iftar on the first day of Ramadan, the electricity goes out. In the distance, Nagham and her family hear the sound of a beating drum, and then suddenly hear a knock on their door. Who could be knocking on their door?

A great story to talk about some of the traditions of Ramadan.

Lama’s Moon قمر لمى


Author: Fatima Sharafeddine, Illustrator: Anjela Nurpetilan

Every night, Lama sees the moon from her bedroom window, and every night, her mom tells her about the different phases of the moon. But sometimes, the moon isn’t there. Where did it go? When will it come back?

This is a great book to start a conversation about the moon, its role in the Hijri calendar, and the different phases that mark the progress of Ramadan. You can even make an event of this and try to identify with your kids the phases of the moon throughout the month.

Fasting in Ramadan صوم رمضان


Author: Sana Shehab, Illustrator: Sana Shehab

What’s fasting? Why do we fast? In what month do we fast and how do we do it? This book, part of the “I am a Muslim” series, explains to young readers the how and why behind fasting in the holy month.

Great way to answer questions your little ones might have about fasting.

Sadness and Joy حزن وفرح


Author: Nabiha Mheidly, Illustrator: Lujaina Al-Aseel

This book tells the story of the Prophet’s life from birth on, in a simple way appropriate for kids age five and up.

Ramadaniyat رمضانيات 


Author: Hala Al Turki, Illustrator: Dina Khalife

Ramadaniyat is an activity book guaranteed to keep your little ones busy with creative inspiration throughout the month. It’s filled with plenty of craft ideas and simple, delicious recipes kids can make for Iftar.  It also comes with a 30 day calendar to help count down to Eid.

This book, though not a story, is a great way to keep kids busy and entertained.

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