Author Profile: Nadine Touma

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Nadine Touma is a Lebanese author, artist and filmmaker. She has created numerous literary works and artworks, and participated in exhibitions in Lebanon, Egypt, and throughout Europe. In 2006, she founded the publishing house Dar Onboz together with Raya Khalaf and Sivine Ariss. Dar Onboz was born out of a desire to anchor art in the everyday life of children.

Nadine Touma’s children’s book Doodles received an honorable mention in the New Horizons category of the 2007 Bologna Ragazzi Awards. Tabati won the 2012 Opera Prima Bologna Ragazzi award at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Nadine lives and works in Beirut.


Author: Nadine Touma, Illustrator: Lena Merhej


The journey of a little girl looking for her fingers. How did she loose them? Will she find them? This book contains a finger puppet, a CD of a musical composition with the reading of the story, and a Lebanese traditional children folk song about fingers!


Author: Nadine Touma, Illustrator: Lana Khayyat


Wirwar the singing colorful bird, spends a day with his companion the full moon, riding the donkey, playing with rocks, bathing in the river. When night falls they each go to their home and become a lullaby for the baby to sleep. This book contains a mobile for you to hang in a special place, and a CD where our Wirwar has become a lullaby.


Author: Nadine Touma, Illustrator: Lara Assouad-Khoury


Tabati is a wonderfully visual work which won the Opera Prima Bologna Ragazzi award for 2012  at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

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