What are you Reading with your Kids this Eid?

In Uncategorized on August 7, 2013 at 6:57 pm

Eid Mubarak! A great way to celebrate the arrival of Eid Al-Fitr is to grab a Eid themed book, cuddle up with your kids and read together! Here are a couple of book suggestions to get you started…

THE EID GIFT هدية العيد


Author: Nahed Shawa, Illustrator: Nezar Yehya

After much thought, Hind finds the best present to give to her parents for Eid.

THE EID SHOES حذاء العيد


Author: Fatima Sharafeddine, Illustrator: Ousama Mezher

Dima badly wants a pair of blue shoes she saw, but has to wait until Eid for her mom to buy them for her. On the morning of Eid, she puts on her new dress with her matching new blue shoes and goes to her grandparents’ house where the whole family has gathered to celebrate.

WELCOME, WELCOME EID AL FITR أهلاً أهلاً بعيد الفطر

welcome eid

Author: Mirna Barraj

After fasting the month of Ramadan, everyone looks forward to celebrating Eid with family and friends. This is a book about Eid from a kid’s perspective.

THE WHITE BOOTS جزمة العيد


Author: Wafa Qusous, Illustrator: Lamia Abul-Saheb

Yasmine is very excited about her Eid gift, a pair of white boots she plans to wear on the first day of the festivities. Worried that someone might steal them, she decides to sleep with her boots on. What happens next?

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