Author Profile: Samar Mahfouz Barraj

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Samar Mahfouz Barraj is a Lebanese author who has 35 titles under her belt.  She began her career as a teacher, and years of teaching and working with children has helped her nourish a deep passion for writing.

She published her first book, I Didn’t Mean It لم أكن أقصد,  in 2007 with Asala publishers.  Among her 35 published titles, four have been shortlisted for the prestigious Etisalat Award: Looking for a Hobby أفتش عن هواية, My Mother and Smoking أمي والتدخين, When my Friend Got Sick  عندما مرضت صديقتي, which also won the second prize for Children’s Books at the Beirut International Book Fair in 2011, and My Grandmother will Always Remember Me  جدتي ستتذكرني دائماً, which won the first prize for Children’s Books at the Beirut International Book Fair in December 2012. Her book By the Light of the Candle  على ضوء الشمعة was selected for the honor list of the 2012 Kitabi Award organized by the Arab Thought Foundation.

Samar writes poetry, songs and plays for children, translates books from French, English and Italian and works for various educational publishers. As an author and member of the Lebanese Board on Books for Young People, she prepares workshops and participates in activities to promote reading among children. Check out some of her great work below.


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