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Author Profile: Arwa Khomayyies

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Recently, we fell in love with a book called “I am Roomi, I Love my Mother but I don’t Love Pink Dresses,” and we just had to know more about the author behind it. Arwa Khomayyies, a Saudi Arabian children’s author with fourteen books under her belt, holds a PhD in History of Fashion and Custom. Inspired by her children, she began writing kids’ books in partnership with varying publishing houses. She has recently branched out on her own, establishing the publishing house Arwa Al-Arabea, which focuses on rich meaningful Arabic content, celebrates Arabic culture, deals with contemporary topics relevant to children themselves, and, we must add, offers some beautifully illustrated work. Alongside her work as a writer and publisher, Arwa is also an Assistant Professor at King AbdulAzziz University (KAU).


I am Roomi” is the first publication under Arwa Al-Arabea, and it’s the first in a three book series starring Roomi. The publishing house is particularly concerned with celebrating children’s independent thought as well as fostering creativity and dialogue between a child and an elder. This is exactly what endeared Roomi to us. She is a charming, opinionated girl who has her own ideas about what to wear and is not afraid to express them. More importantly though, she is able to find creative solutions that are true to her identity and yet accommodate her mother’s penchant for pink dresses and zippers. We’d like to note that we were not alone in being thoroughly taken by Roomi. The book was nominated in four categories this year for the Etisalat Award for Arabic Children’s Literature. Check out a sneak peak video of the book HERE.



Alongside the Roomi books, Arwa Khomayyies is also working on a series entitled “Let’s Live Our Childhood,” which speaks to Saudi and Gulf children about their rights as issued by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). If they’re anything like what we’ve seen with Roomi, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for them. Arwa Al-Arabea books are currently available in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, and will soon make their way to the GCC. (