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Ten months ago, ReadingStart launched a fundraising campaign on, and a lot has happened since that we’d love to update you on!
Finding the perfect partner clinics was a struggle at first, but we did manage to find two clinics that were exactly what the doctor ordered 🙂
– Tahadi Clinic in Hay Al Gharb, Beirut 
Tahadi Clinic ( caters to one of Lebanon’s most marginalized populations. Located in the suburbs of Beirut, it serves families living beneath the poverty threshold, on under 200 USD/ month. It provides primary health services, healthcare assistance for urgent surgeries, pre-natal and neo-natal care, counselling and most recently, a ReadingStart program.
When a parent of a child under the age of three comes in for a vaccine visit, the nurse at Tahadi will not only administer the shots, but she will also take a minute to discuss the importance of literacy activities at such a young age. She then gives the parents, free of charge, a package containing two board books and a brochure about reading.
Alongside the intervention of nurses, we also run regular workshops with young mothers on how to use the books they receive to maximum effect. You’ll find some pictures of our work below.
– Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corporation in Burj Hamoud, Beirut 
This April, our second partner clinic, HKCC (, will begin running a ReadingStart program. HKCC provides a segment of Lebanon’s Armenian population, and most recently Syrian refugee population, with primary care services and counselling. Along the same model as Tahadi, we’ve enlisted nurses to advocate for reading in the early childhood years. We will also run workshops with new mothers to discuss how reading aloud can be made more interactive.
HKCC will also be one of the first locations to run our “Let’s Read” ad campaign. You can check out the poster below.
Due to the very very generous support of Asala Publishers, we were able to literally make every dollar count. Our magic formula? Every dollar donated = a book given! We will continue to work on making sure that our book packs are cost effective in order to ensure we reach the maximum number of children and families.
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By the end of 2014, we will have reached a total of 1000 families, distributed a total of 2000 children’s books, ran a series of periodic workshops on reading aloud, helped establish several mobile in-clinic libraries and ran an ad campaign at schools and clinics to encourage reading as a family. We will also have distributed over 2000 brochures on the importance of reading in the early years and advocated for the Arab publishing industry through our blog and Facebook page.
We couldn’t have done any of this without the generous support of our funders, partners and fans, and for this we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!