We’ve created a tab just for downloadable resources! Please visit regularly to see what’s new. We’ll be posting useful resources on a regular basis.


August 2013 Activity Calendar English (August Calendar)

September 2013 Activity Calendar English (September Calendar); Arabic (September Calendar-Arabic)


PEER Dialogic Reading : Download a PDF visual of the PEER reading technique by clicking HERE. The PEER technique is an interactive method of reading and helps you get the most out of reading with children.

CROWD Reading Prompts: CROWD is an acronym to help you remember the different kinds of prompts you can use to make reading with children interactive and fun. To download the PDF, click  HERE .


Building an early childhood library for your little one? Check out this great list of recommended books in Arabic HERE. Print it out and take it with you the next time you shop for books!


Check out this handy one minute video on reading with a baby:  ENGLISH video, ARABIC video


– What to do with picture books other than look at the pictures. Click on the image below to find out.

5 pic alts

– Is your home literacy friendly? Check out Get Ready to Read’s checklist and tally up your home environment score. FULL POST HERE.

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